About Us

Spadina Piling Equipment (SPE) was established to provide high quality, reliable piling equipment for big and small projects.

With more than 20 years experience in construction and piling, Spadina Piling Equipment provides the latest in technology driven marine piling equipment, from hydraulic impact hammers and hydraulic vibratory hammers and diesel hammers to the latest excavator-mounted piling rigs.
SPE is a family run business with a proficient, competent and reliable company and a can-do attitude that our customers throughout Australia can rely upon.
We hire and sell marine piling equipment that are built to the highest industry standards.

Why we are different from others hiring marine piling equipment;

- We think like contractors and understand your requirements
- We understand that every project is different in its design
- We understand that new equipment needs to be built to create contracts
- We know the correct piling hammers or vibrators at the right price is important.

We offer a fully comprehensive solution.

SPE offer a range of products and services:

- We have an in-house design team that understands piling
- We build accessories for equipment
- We come to you onsite when you need your equipment serviced
- We stand behind the product we sell and hire
- We involve ourselves in helping you with equipment selection
- We supply training for the product you are hiring or buying.

Our hammers are ours.  We found the right company that would build hammers to our strict specifications that we know will work.

SPE hs a big advantage ove our competitors.  We were piling contractors first.  We understand that every project is different and we think like contractors.  Every project needs something new designed, engineered and built to overcome problematic issue.

Above all, we know that your time is money, so when we say we can do it, we give you our gurarantee.       

If you have a marine piling equipment requirement, why not call Spadina Piling Equipment on 0439 003 633 today or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it